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Meetings Globility

The IGU-UGI Centennial Congress: “The Time of Geographers”, in Paris, July 18-22, 2022

The International Geographical Union in collaboration with the French National Committee of Geography hosts the Centennial Congress in Paris next year. The Global Change and Human Mobility (Globility) Commission organizes the following sessions:

  1. From lifestyle migrations to digital nomadism: the reconfiguration of international residential mobility (A101440JD)
  2. Cross-Frontier Flows in Maritime and Land Border Areas: New Perspectives (A101444YR)
  3. Digital tools: new practices for moving and new sources for studying mobility (A101449GM)
  4. Mobility/Immobility during the pandemic and post-pandemic times: local perspectives (A101450AM)
  5. Immigrant entrepreneurship, international mobilities and sustainable local development in rural areas (A101455CM)
  6. A transnational perspective of human mobility through the left-behind areas (A101456BS)
  7. Students’ mobility and labour mobility: a life course approach (A101460MF)

For detailed information about these sessions, please visit the Call for Papers: