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Bratislava meeting - Aug 2009

Special sessions sponsored by the Globility commission during 
Second International Congress on the Geography of Europe (EUGEO 2009) held on August 13-16, 2009, are planned.  
For more detailed information of this congress, please visit the following website: 

The session title is "Global Change and Human Mobility", and possible session topics are as follows:

- human mobility, global change and local development
- conceptualisation of human mobility
- financial and economic world crises: changes in consumption/tourism mobility
- financial and economic world crises: changes in production/migration mobility
- human mobility and tourist locations
- multicultural evidence of local and transnational processes
- local peculiarities of human mobility
- mass media production and human mobility
- mobility of people, information and cultures
- human mobility, a gender approach at global and local level
- toward regional models of human mobility?
- human mobility: teachers and pupils as actors of integration
- human mobility: rethinking tourism and migration
- global environmental change and human mobility
- human mobility: emerging agendas and issues
- managing human flows in historical settlements
- climate change in coastal areas vs production and consumption human mobility best wishes
- human mobility and its impact on fragile environments
- human mobility and urban changes
- housing markets, urban deconcentration  and new forms of  mobility of people, information, and cultures
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